CLAUDIO BECK, digital designer
brand & graphic designer

3D Design &
product visualization

Product Visualization for industrial, luxury, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, package design and concept design

I showcase your products offering my 3d design and product visualization services.

As a CGI artist I specialize in transforming your ideas and blueprint projects into stunning photo realistic visualizations giving your audience a better understanding of your products.

With my expertise in 3D design and product visualization, I can create realistic and accurate representations of your products with crafted light setup to show all the details in the most perfect appearance.

Product visualization is perfect for businesses in a wide range of industries, including industrial, luxury, cosmetics, packaging, automotive, and more.

I personally take pride in delivering high-quality work that meets and exceeds our clients’ expectations. I work closely with each client to understand their unique needs and brand DNA, ensuring that my visualizations accurately reflect their vision and goals.

I am currently open to commissions, freelancing or contracts.

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3d softwares and techniques

I am specialized in softwares like Keyshot and Red Shift for 3d rendering compositions and Autodesk Maya for 3d modeling.

During the texturing process and other middle point design needs I usually stick to Affinity Designer. For image retouch and final composite I use Adobe creative Suite such as Adobe Photoshop.

As for technique, I like to research competition and create a mood board. Then I manage to assemble all the blueprints for the modeling stage. After everything is modeled, I then work on unwrapping the UVs and creating the base textures. Next, I create the studio setup, either 3d modeled or HDRI based, and pose the object and its animation for rendering stage.

3D Packshot product visualization

3d Modeling / Texturing

Rendering / composition

image / video

Fictional projects for showcase purposes

Images merely illustrative of my own authorship. These are fictional projects.