CLAUDIO BECK, digital designer
brand & graphic designer
Claudio Beck Gigere Bar

About me

I am a graphic designer based in Switzerland with a passion for creating visually bold and strong design for clients across various industries.

With a decade of experience in the field, I have honed my skills and developed a critical eye for detail and a strong understanding of how to effectively communicate a message through design.

+ 13 Years Experience

Branding specialist

3d graphic specialist

Experienced Designer in Switzerland

I have worked for various companies in the services industry, including facilities, cybersecurity, property security, catering, and food industry.

Throughout my career, I have mainly focused on B2B communication, but I also have some experience in B2C. I have honed my skills into 3D Graphic Design and developed a strong understanding of the needs of different industries and the challenges they face.

Skills and Qualifications

I have two degrees in digital design, acquired in São Paulo, Brazil, and a licentiate degree in Digital Disruption from Cambridge. My fluent English and Portuguese, as well as my good understanding of German and Spanish, make me a versatile and adaptable designer.

Some of my best qualities as a graphic designer include my attention to detail, creativity, problem-solving skills, and the cinematic look to awe in every project.

Personal life

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, including my wife and two daughters. I am a family man and value the time I spend with my loved ones since I spend most of time working.

I find the motorbiking world very fascinating and I am addicted to strong and fast machines, and enjoy riding as well. Whenever as possible I usually go travel and explore new destinations, always bringing back more cultural baggage than I left.