+ 10 Years Graphic Design Experience
Corporate Branding specialist
3d design generalist
A.I. Enthusiast
Creative Advertisement Professor
Cinema lover
Motorbike therapy
Creative mind in formal attire, dedicated to bringing ideas to life through design excellence.
About me

corporate brand designer from Europe to the World

Based in the picturesque landscapes of Switzerland, I’m an experienced graphic designer that uses all the tools available, including AI, to bring to life visual narratives and brand identities that leave a lasting impact.

With more than 10 years immersed in the ever-evolving world of design, I’ve cultivated standard to quality near perfection and a very critical eye for detail. My journey brought me to a place where I work on two world simultaneously: art and marketing, together form and function to convey powerful messages.

Experienced Designer in Switzerland

With diverse clientele spanning across industries such as facilities management, cybersecurity, property security, catering, and food services, I’ve garnered a wealth of experience in tailoring design to suit varied needs and objectives.

While my strongest competencies relies in B2B communications, I can work on any branch or vertical after a short immersion.

I relentlessly pursuit of pushing creative boundaries and perfecting visual design. Let us talk and create together something wonderful.

Skills and Qualifications

Bachelor in Multimedia Design and Master in Digital Graphic Design, both acquired in São Paulo, Brazil, and a Licentiate Degree in Digital Disruption from Cambridge, plus an initiated Bachelor in Film Industry from Orlando, Florida, I set myself as a multidisciplinary designer.

Four language speaker (English, German, Portuguese, and Spanish) and standard web language fluency (HTML, CSS).

Creative designer and art director leading a small team of professionals to bring the best results for corporate businesses, mainly aimed at the B2B niche, including cybersecurity, facilities, technology and industry segments.

Personal life
Professional graphic designer and art director, passionately crafting visual narratives.

I am that type of person who dedicates free time to family, On rare occasions I take my motorbike and vanish to somewhere nice, the so-called motorbike therapy.

When Mondays taste as good as Fridays (to me), there is no need to complain about job or work load. I simply love doing what I do.

Graphic designer located in Bern, Switzerland.
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