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Creative Design | Visual Design | Branding | B2B

I'm a creative multimedia designer
based in Switzerland.

I am a bilingual professional (English and Portuguese) and B1 level knowledge of the German language. With 10+ years of experience in creative design, visual design, B2B, and branding, I can help your project to achieve high standards.

Certificate in Digital Transformation Strategies and studies in motion design, multimedia, and marketing, I understand very well about design product concepts, product deployment projects, and their application in a professional environment within a technology-aligned business framework. I am always in search of innovation aligned with sustainability and continuous training.

Always identify customer needs, advise them on the best imagery solutions, and deliver superior service from start to finish.


Graphic Design

Marketing, communication and social media design

3D product visualization

Photo-like render compositions
Ready to bring your ideas to life?
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