client: personal

date: jan 2024

3d render comp

Welcome 2024

Welcome 2024 !! 🎉🎊🥳

Here is a playful doodle I just created for fun featuring symbols and the colors I chose to slide in the new Year!

A bit of classy blue marble mixed with ocher veins and hints of diverse gold density everywhere. The waterfall is also present as a symbol and state the continuous flow, from inside to the world. White pebble stones are also another symbol and provides the ground for the composition. Belissima, a word that in latin-languages means “most beautiful” is the keyword for what I intend to bring in this new Year as my work result. “Natural” is another word present which reminds me of an outcome that, as hard as it may be, should look like something comfortable until it really does. At last, but not least, the number “330 ml” for a christian as I am, caballisticaly represents the age of Jesus Christ, when He was at the pinnacle of his Great Work.

So, the image speaks for itself, loaded with icons and symbols that are meaningful to me and should say a little bit of what I am planning to bring this year here on LinkedIn and on my Portfolio.

I hope you have a wonderful 2024, filled with new achievements and great stories to share

Graphic designer Claudio Beck composed a 3d render of a shampoo cosmetic package with white pebble stones in the background, featuring a golden flamingo and a pair of waterfalls.
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