Drink Collection

client: fictional date: July 2023 3d render comp A drink collection render for studying purposes. 1 Portfolio Hi Fi World Premiere Teaser 2 Portfolio Rolex Daytona 3d Render 3 Portfolio Rolex Daytona 3d Render 4 Portfolio Cinzano 1955 Tribute 5 Portfolio Dynamic Cloth Render 6 Portfolio Drink Collection Ready to bring your ideas to life?I’m […]

Story Books

Story books by Claudio Beck are short stories prompted by AI fully illustrated to be read on your smartphone.

Terminal Affection

His life had always been defined by the principles of medicine, until the day Emily, a beautiful young woman with a terminal condition, walked into his clinic. Her diagnosis was grim.

Stolen Whispers

In the dimly lit alleyways of a nameless city, cloaked in the heavy shroud of dusk, there existed a girl whose obsession with theft surpassed mere kleptomania. It was her religion.

Portfolio Graphic Design

GRaphic Designer Claudio Beck

Portfolio overview of Brand, Visual Identity, Stationery, Web Design, Social Media and Communication assets designed for companies.

Branding Case

Full case from start-to-finish of a Branding design for a mid-sized B2B services corporation.

Sativa Vet Package Design

Package Design paketdesign / conception de l’emballage /design de embalagem An excellent package design should be visually appealing, functional, easy to use and communicate key information to the consumer. This can be achieved through the use of design elements such as color theory, typography, and hierarchy of information. Additionally, it should use appropriate design elements, […]